07 July 2008

winning and losing

I won the child care lottery! Okay, not really. If I really won the lottery the childcare would be free and this is decidedly.not.free. But it is cool nonetheless. I got the phone call this morning that a spot is available for Eleanor at my employer's childcare center, where Oliver spent two years. 

Since the fabulous nanny is much more than we can afford in the long term, I was very worried about what we would do for Eleanor. Oliver's school doesn't take children younger than two. We were on a couple of waiting lists but I had given up hope. Then my phone rang, and suddenly the my world turned around.

It's clear that being with other kids her age would be good for Eleanor. Her brother is so social, so in need of time with his peeps, and she hasn't had the chance to find her peeps. Now she will have that chance. And I will have some special time with her while we ride the bus together. It's hardly a replacement for the time we had before I went back to work, but it will still be special.

I will miss the nanny, her laundry folding, dinner starting, dog med fetching, vacuuming goodness. She might be the wife all working women need.

And the losing? Biggest Loser, of course! A new round just started in my office. Apparently they did this before and it was a rousing success. Let's just say I ate cake and drank wine over the weekend, and wore heavy shoes this morning! I am going back to Weight Watchers next week, so that should help too. I've got an extra 30 pounds hanging around. It seems my brain missed the moment when Eleanor went from nursing 4-6 times a day down to 2, and therefore also missed when she stopped nursing entirely about six weeks ago. I'm having a bit of a portion control issue. Stay tuned.


Jenn said...

Great news on the child care front! And good luck beating the office folks! You can do it!!!

Allison Says said...

Yay child care! That's so convenient and excellent!

Yeah, I stopped nursing two months ago and I still can't get my portions under control! My mind doesn't seem to want my body to loose the excess.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

That's fantastic news that you were able to get able to get her into the center!

Tranny Head said...

That's great! And you know, I really think it's good for kids to be around other kids of their own age even when they're really young. Sumo had learned so much fromt eh kid we share the nanny with - it's great! Only downer is random diseases . . . oh, and the fact that Sumo has learned he's a baby of unusual size (BOUS) and can basically muscle toys he wants away from other children instead of sharing them.

Colleen said...

kinda jealous about your new childcare lotto winnings. :) I would love to have my kids where I can get to them quicker if there's an issue.

Also, good luck on the portion control and all that...I found that once I went back to work after having Cooper, that's when the weight really started to come off. I wasn't home to graze all day...and made a more conscious effort to have healthier snacks at work. Didn't really work but...ya know...effort counts for something, right?