10 July 2008


A number of times today I found myself wanting to tweet, but for a variety of reasons, being unable to do so. Here are the few that I remember.

  • Dr Fu's fav or Pad Thai? I am suddenly incapable of a decision.
  • If that instructor says "cognizant" one more time I will have to smack him. 
  • It's a work credit card. I don't need to be told eleventy-thousand times not to use it for personal purchases. This is not hard, people.
  • It is now clear why everyone around here who deals with Oracle financials has been grumpy since the system was implemented.
  • Don't tell me you didn't poop. The nose never lies.
Okay, perhaps you didn't miss anything after all.


Gina said...

Dr Fu's fav definitely...

Kim said...

Yep. When push came to shove, that was my choice.

We should have lunch sometime!