08 April 2008

some pig

As previously blogged, we went to the Biggest Bedtime Story on Saturday. All kids left with a bag of stuff that included a free book. It was entirely hit or miss on age appropriateness but Oliver's bag contained Charlotte's Web. This was one of my favorite books as a child so I thought it might be fun to read it with Oliver, a little bit each night. We started on Sunday and he was very fidgety. I thought we should give it another night before deciding it needed to wait a few years. Last night's chapter was short and held his interest a little better. This morning he asked, "What happened to Wilbur?" Ah, success!! I see lots of chapter books in our future.

[Forgive the light blogging this week. Trying to figure out the food for the birthday party that ate Pittsburgh and trying to get a few other projects done is sucking my will to live at the moment.]

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Virginia said...


As to party favors, a small bottle of bubbles, some sidewalk chalk, and a bandana. All encourage wonder and creativity. Growing up, my child loved a bag of fabric scraps, a bag of pieces of string, several empty shoe boxes, a tub of buttons, and a bottle of glue. The year we gave these sorts of things as party favors (at an older party than your kids'), the parents were mystified and most of the kids were in Seventh Heaven (and lots of the elements showed up in Halloween costumes months later).