01 April 2008

baby ultrasounds are much more interesting

So here's the news:  my ultrasound was fine. I think they thought I was nuts, even if my doc did find the lump too. Just for fun they found something in another area but decided that was really nothing too. I still have to go for a mammogram once Eleanor is weaned, but I needed to do that anyway. Mammograms, colonoscopies...the future is just loaded with medical amusement.

I was pretty impressed that they were able to locate my pre- and post-operative mammograms, though they didn't have them when I arrived and my surname was different then. They have also relocated since those were done. It made us all feel better that they were able to compare findings today with those films.

Eleanor, I am told, was entertaining the crowd in the waiting room. Nurses kept coming back to the waiting room to tell me I have an adorable baby. Yep, she's adorable. Except for the hour or so she cried tonight after going to bed. It remains to be seen whether she will sleep through the night. I am not holding my breath.

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Virginia said...

Glad you are okay.