09 April 2008

bacon in October

Zingerman's is a pretty cool company in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I discovered them in 1989, while on my very first business trip. The trip is notable for a number of reasons. The San Francisco earthquake occurred during the trip and my boss at the time, also on the trip, had two sons living about 10 miles on either side of the epicenter (both fine, thank goodness). There were also a whole bunch of silicon valley computer geeks there and we quickly discovered that email was getting through when phone calls were not. The shape of things to come...but I digress. One of the things I remember vividly is a visit to Zingerman's for breakfast and seeing the massive wall of olive oil. I didn't know there were more than the three brands my local grocery store carried. That single event changed my cooking life.

I have been meaning to mention Zingerman's Bacon Club (it's not a sandwich!) since I started Wednesday Bacon. Alas, the club is on vacation until October. In a nutshell, it's a bacon lover's dream...bacon of the month. And not just any bacon. It's from lots of different sources and locations. Eating one's way through them seems like a worthwhile endeavor for any bacon aficionado.

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