08 April 2008

no better use of 76 minutes

I'll be very surprised if any of my readers (all three of you) have not heard of Randy Pausch, but just in case....

Last year Professor Randy Pausch did what a lot of Carnegie Mellon faculty get asked to do. He gave his "last lecture" except this time, it had new meaning. Professor Pausch has pancreatic cancer and the lecture was mind-blowing. If you haven't seen it, find yourself 76 minutes and watch it. If not today, then tomorrow. Don't wait any longer than that. Really.

ABC is devoting an hour to Professor Pausch tomorrow evening at 10pm. I'm not sure I have enough tissues in the house but I'm going to watch anyway. Crying is not what Professor Pausch would want anyone to do, but since I have been known to cry during commercials and the Olympics, I will ask to be cut some slack.

The lecture has also been expanded and made into a book that was published today. Professors always have more to say and I'm looking forward to reading.

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