26 April 2008

getting on track

Today was for getting settled at the hotel. We spent the morning figuring out where things are, and terrorizing our fellow diners in the restaurant with screaming children. Eleanor, it seems, cannot bear to be out of my oxygen. (Jenni: You know what I mean! But she's louder than Widgeon.) And sometimes, no - make that most of the time, she is needing to be held. All.the.damn.time.

Today was also for track laying. We discovered the directions we published were wrong so there was a little scrambling but the judges found us without incident. Other than brushing off a few ticks, which are entirely to be expected in this part of the world, that too was without incident. I'm the test chair and CD is chief tracklayer. We are each putting in one track, with another willing victim kind volunteer joining us to do a third track. It's all a bit delicate with timing and such, but three tracks makes for an easy, simple test. Should be all over before noon. My articles are firmly ensconced inside my boots and should be sufficiently stinky by tomorrow. [If you think I have lost my mind, or am suddenly from Mars, go read this!]

The hotel is nice, though our room remains hot despite the drop in outdoor temperature. And having kids that go to bed early makes things interesting. I should NEVER book a room that isn't a suite. We did get a fridge, so I will stop complaining now.

I hear it has started raining. Of course it is. We have white hairy dogs and there is lots of dirt just waiting to become mud. Should be fun. And messy. Time to go walk dogs one last time before heading off to bed.

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