07 April 2008

cooking for a crowd

I'm in full-on party preparation mode. I have sliced and diced (and julienne fried) the guest list data. There are adults, older kids (5-8 years old), little kids (2-4), and babies. And about 20 people in 6 families who haven't bothered to respond. 

Much as I would like to take a hard line and be the goody bag nazi ("No bag for you!") towards those who have not rsvp'd, I don't think I have the heart to do that. I'll make a few extras, but only a few. My creativity is waning on these. I keep hoping for inspiration to strike. Maybe when I get to the party supply store. So far I have bags and little tins of play doh. 

I'm also trying to figure out how much all these people are going to eat. Eleanor easily eats as much as Oliver but I know that's not the norm. I'd rather have too much food, obviously, but I don't want more leftovers than I can reasonably store. The other problem is choosing the best foods to serve. My strategy is to make what I think kids will like, as I firmly believe that if the kids are happy, the parents will be too. Much as I will probably want to hook myself up to a mimosa IV, we are going alcohol-free this time. Margaritas were flowing at Oliver's first birthday party but I think this will be a better approach. I'll have a beer after everyone goes home (and I get the dishes done!).

More about the party plans to come. Stay tuned for menu details and "plan B" for the cake.

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