05 April 2008

jam packed

Today was a remarkable test of how much we can pack into a day with small kids. Everyone, adults included, held it together very well. Tomorrow isn't looking much better as, once again, we're over-scheduled but if it goes as well as today I will have no complaints.

Here's a rough sketch of our day:
7:15 am - Oliver wakes up, breakfast
7:30 - Eleanor wakes up, breakfast 
9:30 - Eleanor down for a nap, Kim and Oliver do errands at the dry cleaners and vet
10:30 - Wake Eleanor up and we all head to the southside
12:15 pm - Lunch, including Eleanor's first peanut butter and jelly sandwich
12:45 - Naps, except Eleanor decided she wasn't tired after all
2:15 - Oliver wakes up, about half an hour earlier than normal
3:00 - Eleanor goes for a nap
3:15 - Oliver and Kim go to a playdate with one of Oliver's buddies from his old school
5:00 - Return home, get everyone ready to go out again
5:30 - Biggest Bedtime Story on the Pitt campus
7:00 - Pick up dinner to go at Chipotle (about an hour later than we usually eat)
8:06 - Kids are both in bed! 

Not everything went well today. Our old house was supposed to have been sold at auction, but wasn't. This is getting a little ridiculous. We are now past a year of having it on the market. We have some decisions to make and they are not going to be easy.

Tomorrow is looking almost as full, with a zoo class in the morning, followed by a family photo shoot at noon. Definitely not prime time for that sort of thing but it was the best that was available. I would say I was going to recover from all this on Monday but that isn't going to happen. The whole week is going to be insane as we get ready for family to arrive and the birthday extravaganza next weekend.

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