12 April 2008

mission accomplished

The party, it is done. And we're all still standing. Or sitting. Or sound asleep. I was up until about 1:15am. Then Eleanor decided to be hungry about 1:45. I ended up getting about 4 hours of sleep. Probably not the best strategy but the party happened and there were no disasters (not counting the cake). Oliver was overwhelmed at times, but held it together well after some brief cuddling. Next year he is going to be allowed to invite one friend to a baseball game. 

As always, there was not enough time to visit with friends we haven't seen in far too long, or to play with all their children. I hope we can stay in touch with everyone with some summertime dinners on the back porch.

In other news, there's a job prospect looming out there. More about that soon, I hope.

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