06 April 2008

how hard could it be?

We started going to Picture People when Oliver was just four months old. The results were great and we were hooked. Two or three times a year we've gone for pictures, and each time it gets more difficult. It's like the first one was "free" and Oliver is making us work harder and harder, testing our patience and that of the photographer. Perhaps we were paying the price for packing too much into yesterday but I don't think so. Looks like we're sliding out of terrible twos and careening head first into threatening threes. I'm starting to think whoever called them "terrible twos" had not made it past that stage yet, or they would have found two to be a walk in the park.

Still, the intrepid photographer managed to get a few reasonable photos, including one I love of the four of us. It's black & white, with all of us wearing white t-shirts (and jeans but that is cropped out in the framed version we purchased). The only thing wrong with it is the nasty set of crow's feet I am sporting. CD, of course, is aging gracefully. I am simply looking old.


modmom said...

priceless pictures!

you won my method bathroom buddies giveaway! please send me your address

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

The pics turned out great! As a frequent Picture Place-r, I know it's all about the photographer, and it looks like you won out. It helps that you are all so darn cute, though.

Kim said...

Y'all are too kind! I'm just happy when we don't break the camera.

modmom said...

i just noticed your post (google alerts) saying i haven't responded to 3 of your emails, + i hope you're not somehow spam-blocked. i am a bit overwhelmed + dealing with lymphedema in my arm from breast cancer treatment. i'll look for your email address on this blog + email you directly, so you can respond with your mailing address. i apologize if you couldn't get through to me. i am a full-time mom + it's hard to keep up.