26 December 2008

you can tell the nerds early

You don't need to have painted the quadratic equation on your bedroom wall for me to spot a future geek. Oliver is learning to use his new Leapster, under CD's watchful eye.

As you can see, Oliver recovered from whatever plague he had yesterday. He woke up early this morning, hungry and thirsty, and with no sign of fever. He was more than ready to open a few presents. (lots of pictures from the festivities are at Flickr)

All the presents were a hit with the kids. They especially liked the microwave and mixer, and the talking tool box. Oliver was especially peeved that we didn't take him outside to play t-ball but it was too cold. And when it got warmer it also started to rain. Maybe tomorrow, when the high is supposed to be in the 60s. We might even break out the chalk Critter Prints and Spiro the Chalktopus toys. Fresh air is top of our list for tomorrow.

We have found a way to amuse ourselves while the kids are napping too. A grand household purge is happening, starting with our basement storage. It's a big set of dominos. Once the storage room is sorted, we can move on to the family room, also in the basement. Then we can move upstairs to the office, that needs to be cleaned out before the new windows arrive. And on and on. We still have nine days left.

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