18 December 2008


Sorry for the lack of photographic evidence tonight. I was too busy trying to figure out how to properly adjust my MacBook so Aunt Suzy could witness local events. Oh how I long for the old iSight cameras that clipped on and were nicely adjustable. What the heck am I going to do at Christmas? But I digress...

It was the dogs' turn for a present tonight and Oliver was sure they needed lots of help. Bubba slept through the whole thing but Penguin was sniffing around. Still, she wasn't interested enough to dive in so Oliver happily did the honors. He's such a helpful boy.

In lieu of photos from tonight, I offer an interesting comparison: Oliver and Eleanor pictured at the same age, or as close to it as possible. In this case, both kids are about 19 months old. Eleanor is significantly bigger but both know how to enjoy themselves.

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+clumber said...

So what did Bubba and Penguin get? And will they share with other clumbers? Thanks to you, a son-in-law is getting the chocolate/bacon bar you mentioned as one of his Christmas presents! My best out to your dogs and your whole family for a joyous and relaxed Christmas! The grandpups will be visiting us, so I expect my ears will be pulled and my belly will be rubbed and I'll spoil them all with snacks and treats, whether they've been good or bad!