08 December 2008

until he shouted out with glee

Good heavens....more Skippyjon Jones in the house. Thank goodness these books are coming with CDs or my head would explode. How many days do we have left? (16, for those keeping score at home.)

Speaking of exploding...moments after I took this photo there was an accidental collision, many tears, and a smidgen of blood. This is the first real crash between Oliver and Eleanor. It's a good thing CD and I were both here to comfort them. Of course, I had Oliver and he wanted his dad, and Eleanor wanted her mum. Good times!

Finally, we had one of those classic little boy moments this morning. It happened where all the great conversations are happening lately, in the bathroom. Oliver had just gotten himself seated and, ahem, arranged, when we had the following exchange:

Oliver: My penis is little.
Me: Okay. (not wanting to guide the conversation in any way)
Oliver: Mum, sometimes it's big and sometimes it's little.
Me: Do you know why that happens?
Oliver: I don't know.

He then started telling me not to cover up Elmo when I got the diaper I just removed ready to throw away because, "Elmo doesn't like that."

It really loses something in the translation. The tone of his voice when he said, "I don't know" was priceless, a moment I wish I had on tape.

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