27 December 2008

purging feels good

The purging of the house continues. We did a bit more in the basement today, before turning our attention to the kitchen. We went through every cupboard and drawer, and I'm pleased to say we now have some space on a few shelves and homes for all that needed one. We got rid of a lot, or we will have by tomorrow. I posted some items on Freecycle and all were claimed within half an hour. One item was gone in 90 seconds. If you haven't tried Freecycle, check it out. I'll be placing a few things on Craig's list, like our Kelty backpack carrier and the pack n play, but for stuff that isn't worth the effort, Freecycle it is.

Some other baby stuff will go on Freepeats starting tomorrow. I have bottles out the wazoo and none had very much use, especially by Eleanor.

The basement is looking great too, with many empty shelves and some re-purposed shelves above the washer and dryer. I see a useful family room in our future. 

I think we head upstairs tomorrow. I'm not sure where to start, as it is all daunting, but I will start somewhere.  

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Jen said...

Hey Kim - Congrats on all the purging - you're right, it does feel great (now if only I can convince Michael!). Also, I love, love LOVE Freecycle! We had an old (ugly) king-sized waterbed that I was sure nobody would want - but we actually had multiple people who wanted it from Freecycle. All we had to do was help the guy load it up in his pickup! Hope you guys had a great Christmas! - Jen