28 December 2008

E is not O

Eleanor seems to think I have forgotten she is not her brother. She's been telling me this in a wide variety of ways since I was just a few weeks pregnant, but has decided to redouble her efforts tonight anyway, just in case. My two pregnancies could not have been more different. Oliver's was easy as pie. With Eleanor I was nauseous most of the time, had sciatica, lost vision in one eye for a few minutes, and made multiple trips to triage.  With Oliver, once I was obviously pregnant, I looked like I swallowed a basketball. With Eleanor, I looked pregnant by the time I was 10 weeks along and gained weight everywhere. Oliver's was a tough delivery. Eleanor's was easy. Oliver didn't sleep for the first year. Eleanor was a great sleeper. And on and on and on. They really could not be more different.

Today's strategy...coughing. Sounds croup-y, but since Oliver never had croup I am not entirely sure what it sounds like. I saw The Nanny Diaries but my memory is fuzzy. It's not really barky, but it's not like Eleanor's "normal" cough either. She didn't nap this afternoon due to the coughing (and a poop, but we're used to that happening mid-nap and she generally goes back to sleep after clean up). Tonight she's not sleeping, again due to the cough. I just got the humidifier going, something we haven't used since before she was born. We'll try the steamy bathroom approach if she doesn't settle soon.

As I've been typing, she has stopped coughing, at least for a few minutes. And as soon as I typed that last sentence, she coughed again. She wouldn't want me getting complacent or anything.

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Matt said...

I've looked at blog365 a couple of times this year and am still trying to figure out what the point is. Is it like the mountain? because it's there?

In any event, don't tell my mom about it. We're catching enough grief for posting every two weeks since Child No. 2 came along in October. Kid blogs are to grandmas what methodone is to a heroin addict. The substitute tends to create a dependency just as bad as the original.