22 December 2008

it was for money?

I interrupt our regularly scheduled coverage of the 24 days of Christmas (CD opened a glass penguin ornament that looks a lot like the one I opened yesterday) to bring you a newsflash. I WIN. And I win money. This part was a revelation to me when email from the commissioner arrived yesterday. I somehow missed the money part. No idea how. Suddenly I was either sending ten bucks to someone, or receiving payments from others. Thanks to Aaron Rodgers, FFB will support my Starbucks habit for another month or two.  Congrats to my worthy opponent on a stellar rookie season. She won more games than I did and this last one was no gimme, not by a longshot.

Now I just need to stick with my promise of never doing FFB again if I won. I'm far too competitive and obsessive, and that's not generally a pretty combination. But if an invitation from a certain yinz league came my way I doubt I could resist. I'm weak, weak I tell you.


I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...


Now that you won, can't quit now.

And is there any other way to be competitive? Obsessive is the only way to go.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Never play again??? You are just hitting your groove.