25 December 2008


Today was not the Christmas any of us had in mind. Oliver woke up miserable, with a temp over 104. Motrin brings it down but he just wanted to curl up on the couch with mum or dad and watch Cars and Finding Nemo. He isn't interested in food and only will drink under protest. He gets sick rarely, and I don't recall him ever having a temp this high, so he just has no idea how to handle feeling crappy.

Despite a living room filled with presents, neither kid showed any interest. Eleanor didn't even look at the play kitchen until late afternoon. We got through the stockings but the presents remain under tree. Maybe we will get to them tomorrow, if we are not at the doctor with Oliver.


Amber said...

Oh RATS!! That's so sad! I found your blog on the sidebar thingie of Navel Gazing at its Finest. It's a really cute blog! I loved your list of things you still have to do. (From the 23rd I think?) Anyway, hope your day after Christmas is better than today!

My baby is sick, too. He's only 7 months so he wouldn't have had any interest in gifts, anyway. This is the first time he's been sick :(

Oh, my 39 year-old baby is sick, too.

Merry Christmas...tomorrow.

virginia said...

Hope everyone feels better today.
I'm glad you the Advent to make the season special.

Elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh...I haven't written yet about our Christmas, but very similar. Emma was 104 most of the day yesterday and just miserable (found out today it is RSV and double ear infection). Gabriel pulled down Daddy's stocking and down came the stocking holder on his head causing a very bloody start to the morning. I hope today is better for your family and mine!!!