23 December 2008

a few things left to do

I'm a little behind. This isn't the whole list, just the top ten, including a few of my usual digressions.

  1. I haven't wrapped anything yet.
  2. I haven't made the gingerbread cookie dough either.
  3. Wow! I keep hearing people say Mike Tomlin looks like Omar Epps. I just figured out who that is. Yeah, there's a resemblance.
  4. I still have a few Christmas cards to address.
  5. The list of things to accomplish during naptime over the next twelve days is long.
  6. I still haven't located the only thing CD asked me to get him for Christmas, lens cleaner for his camera lenses. I keep thinking a camera store is going to appear before my eyes. This may require more effort.
  7. One string of lights on my pre-lit tree has given up the ghost. The non-replaceable light seems to be burnt out. Lovely.
  8. The new panarello for my espresso machine finally arrived. I can't figure out how to install it.
  9. I still need to deliver peppermint bark to the neighbors.
  10. I should probably check the fridge for the salad supplies I need to take to a playdate tomorrow morning.

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