29 December 2008

even more rambling than usual

So with just three posts left in blog365 I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm pretty sure it's not an oncoming train. Still, I'm rambling more like someone who hasn't slept in 362 days, not someone who has blogged that many consecutive days. (I really did more than that. This is post number 429 for the year.)

Coughing continues. Eleanor is sounding less bark-y, but she coughed most of the day and is again having some trouble sleeping. We'll be off to the doc in the morning.

Also in the morning I'll be taking Oliver to Gymkhana camp. I wasn't sure he would like it. Silly me. He had his shoes and sock off and was gone before I had finished filling out the last of the paperwork. (They use scary words on the consent form, like "paralysis"  and "death". I tend to struggle with those, and glaze over a bit.) We knew two of his friends would be there, but there were two more we had not heard were coming. He isn't terribly forthcoming about what went on, but he had fun and wants to go back tomorrow.

While O was off doing whatever and E was hanging with CD, I cleared out his closet and rearranged his bookshelves and toy storage. It was oddly therapeutic, so much so that as soon as both kids were down for naps I attacked the shelves in the kitchen and hall closet that have become the dumping grounds for a lot of junk. They are now organized, on the verge of scary. I should probably take a few pictures since this is not likely to last (but we are going to try very, very hard).

Pity our trash guys tomorrow morning. After all the purging we've been doing, there are many more bags of trash than usual, a ceiling fan, and a dead plug-in cooler. I may be eating all the chocolate that isn't nailed down but I feel lighter anyway. My closet gets cleared tomorrow, then on to the guest bedroom. I might even get my summer clothes put somewhere I can't see them.

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Eternal Sunshine said...

What happens at Gymkhana camp, stay at Gymkhana camp.

Sorry, I couldn't resist...