30 December 2008

second prize is three days in Philadelphia

As Blog365 winds down, I'm looking ahead to January and to taking a break from blogging. I'm also taking a break from everything else and going to a dog show. Chances are excellent that trip will provide some blog fodder. There's usually a train wreck or two that could prove worthy.

My blogging plan for 2009 is simple. Don't suck.  I got through Blog365 by setting the bar low, even for me. That wasn't a lot of fun for readers, and wasn't much fun for me either. On a typical night, 10pm would roll around and I would remember I needed to blog. I would fire up Blogger and see what happened. Frequently an idea would come, one that would benefit from some percolation, and I would hit the publish button whether the idea was fully developed or not. In 2009 there will be no reason to hit publish if I don't want to. There will be no blog before its time.


pghrugbyangel said...

I *heart* dog shows! Please take pics to share with us (me!)

And for the record, since I've found your blog, I've enjoyed every single post. Though myself after NaBloPoMo, promised to post every day and there were days I've forgotten....

So congrats on 365. Oy vey!!!

Trannyhead said...

I still can't believe you actually did it. All the reasons that I hate NaBloMe are just magnified by doing it EVERY SINGLE DAY! *shudder*