10 April 2006

banishing the scale

In honor of Oliver's birthday, we are abandoning weekly weigh-ins, instituted last June, when we stopped weighing him every day. I blogged previously about how happy I was to stop the daily insanity. Weekly weigh-ins have been slightly less problematic but a few weeks ago, when Oliver went four weeks without gaining an ounce, all the old worry returned.

I have read babies typically triple their birthweight by one year. At 23 pounds he has almost tripled his "going home from the hospital" weight of 7 pounds 12 ounces but not his birthweight of 8 pounds 10 ounces. Still, he's pudgy and I expect the doc to say he's just fine when we go for the one year checkup later in the week. Weight really should be the least of our worries but as a BFAR mom, even one with a full milk supply, it remains an obsession. I hope banishing the scale from the house puts an end to it.

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