07 July 2005

Seeing yellow in July

If it's July, our TV must be tuned to OLN and the Tour de France. It's a nice change of pace and all we miss are repeats anyway. I must admit I'm having trouble staying awake to the end each night. This is a new post-baby problem. Fortunately, I can keep up with what is happening live during the day, and if the end is worth watching, try to stay up.

The helicopter views of the French countryside are spectacular. It's worth watching just for that, even if you are not a cycling fan.

This year's winner for silliest team name is "Liquigas", which Phil Liggett pronounces as "Leaky Gas." Not a nice problem to have while on a bike.

Please don't call us between 8 and 11pm until after July 24. We probably won't answer anyway.

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