17 July 2005

Not like Martha

No, we're not talking about housekeeping skills today, but rather Oliver's new "ankle bracelet". He is sporting an ActiWatch on his left ankle for seven days, as part of a research study. A few people have spotted the device and asked about it. I tell them he's under house arrest for insider trading. Once again, the daycare folks think we're a little nutty.

We took the new stroller for a spin yesterday, introducing him to the wonders of the Post Office, Penzey's and Bagel Factory. The stroller makes Oliver look small again but he seems to like it. Mum liked the pricetag best of all but it's not bad. I wish the handles were height adjustable but it is otherwise very nice. We added a very spiffy sun shade, which we needed more for rain than sun yesterday, with the downpours coming frequently, yet not cooling things off a bit.

It's clear from the dearth of pictures on this blog that Oliver's mum needs her own digital camera. CD's is too complicated for my little brain and the pictures I do manage to take never make it to my computer anyway. I'm looking at the Canon elph models. I want tiny and easy and Canon. Any suggestions?

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