01 July 2005

Lousy Lamb

Oliver's room at daycare is known as "Lovey Lambs". This is a tale of entirely different lamb.

I started feeling really horrible about 2am. I fed Oliver, popped a handful of advil, and headed for the guestroom. My fever broke eventually but every joint continued to ache a while longer. The tummy and parts further south continued complaining. I could not sit up to feed Oliver for his 4:45 feeding. I felt a bit better when I got up, and I did go to work, but it all came back around 4pm, when I was getting Oliver from daycare. Total relapse.

This is what I get for saying nice things about our favorite food delivery service, Wheel Deliver. I was quoted in one of the local papers (the one I refuse to read because of its illustrious owner) saying we wouldn't look at houses that were outside their delivery area.

Last night we decided to try one of their newly-added restaurants, an Indian place. The lamb biryani did me in. They also messed up CD's order and had to go back to the restaurant to make it right. Looks like we should check out the competition after all.

Cereal for dinner....bed by 9pm. Oliver, if you're listening, please sleep a while.

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