13 July 2005

Pump It Up

After a rocky start, I have finally hit my stride with the milk pumping. I'm down to pumping twice a day at work, instead of three times, and I'm getting more milk than ever. I've had two 11 ounce days already and it's only Wednesday. [Note: Medela bottles and Dr Brown bottles do not seem to agree on how to measure an ounce. 11 ounces in Medela bottles consistently turns into 10 ounces when transferred to Dr Brown bottles. What gives?]

This is probably due to a few factors:

More Herbs: 3 capsules each of Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle, three times a day
More Time between pumping sessions: 4 hours between feeding and pumping seems to be optimal
More Relaxed: I made an effort to stop worrying about the whole thing.

Being more relaxed is the result of having a larger milk stash in the freezer, and knowing I have kept Oliver alive for three months. He seems to like me. That first smile of the morning is worth every bit of sleep I have missed.

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