19 July 2005


Oliver has decided he doesn't want to sleep. Ever. Napping over the weekend was nearly non-existent, and when he did nap is was oh-so briefly. The folks at daycare claim he is their best napper. HA!!! The lack of naps sends us into a downward spiral sleep deprivation. When Oliver naps well he also sleeps well at night. When he doesn't, we all suffer mightily.

It does seem like Oliver thrives on the weekday routine and weekends really throw him for a loop. He gets this from his father, of "two pieces of toast, burnt, butter on both, marmalade on one, consume, repeat" fame. Apparently two full days with both his parents is too much for the little guy.

For a few nights now I've been having a problem putting Oliver in his crib. Typically he would nurse a good long time, often twice as long as his standard nursing session, burp, rock a few minutes, then be put in his crib. He would either be completely out, or nearly so, such that he might open his eyes for half a second but immediately close him and go to sleep for 3-4 hours. I must have lost my touch because now he is wailing before I can even turn around and very much awake. No matter how soundly I get him to sleep before setting him down, or how gently I set him down, he wakes up. CD has a magic touch but even he has struggled lately.

Those 4 or 4.5 hour stretches of sleep are also a thing of the past. He's back to being up every three hours. I know this will pass. I just hope it is soon, for the sake of all who have to deal with my sleep-deprived grumpiness.

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