26 July 2005

Prescription for a nervous mother

At our three-month doctor visit, I asked The Doc what he could tell me about the relationship between preauricular ear tags, like what we had removed from Oliver, and congenital kidney defects. He looked perplexed to say the least. I mentioned that I heard about this from a friend and he did his best not to roll his eyes. Then I said I did a bit of poking around on the internet and he couldn't help himself.

Not surprisingly, my search uncovered conflicting information. One study that says there's a link. Another says probably not. The Doc wrote a script for an ultrasound, while telling me that if no problems showed up on my 20 week u/s, odds are excellent there's nothing to worry about. Clearly he was treating my anxiety, and maybe looking to satisfy his own curiosity. We'll find out for sure on Thursday morning.

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Kim said...

I should have posted this follow-up eons ago. The ultrasound showed two perfectly normal kidneys and no nearby abnormalities. Oliver now has the distinction of being the youngest patient they've seen at the office, by quite a wide margin according to the receptionist.