03 July 2005

7 days, 6 ounces

It's weekly weigh-in day for Oliver, now that we are not weighing him daily. The moment of truth: he's gained 6 ounces and in my head I do a little happy dance. Not that I'm tying my self-esteem to his weight or anything....

He does seem to be closing in on the 3 month growth spurt I keep reading about. He would like to nurse about every 2 hours and evenings are turning into marathon cluster feeds, with almost constant nursing for over an hour before he will fall asleep. I keep expecting to look down and see shriveled up, prune-like appendages on my chest.

The steri-strip on Oliver's ear is showing no signs of wanting to fall off, despite this being The Day the surgeon said it would. The suspense is killing me.

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