22 July 2005

102 Days

For those of you keeping score at home, Oliver is 102 days old. I'd planned a 100 day post, but life, counting ballots for the CSCA, and orientation with the new daycare got in the way. Our old friend, sleep deprivation, is also continuing to hang around, serving as my catch-all excuse. Anyone who has children seems to understand. In this case, I'm so sleep deprived that I forgot the 100 day mark passed. It seemed like such a good idea on Monday when I was updating Oliver's weight chart.

So to rescue the great idea that was circling the drain, here's the 100 day post, 2 days late:

Oliver does a lot more stuff than he did on day 1. He's interested in toys now. He grabs my sleeve during diaper changes and won't let go. He can turn himself 180 degrees in his crib. He rolls onto his side. He smiles and laughs and babbles.

Stuff he does about the same as on day 1: screaming when hungry

Stuff he does less now than on day 1: sleeping

In spite of his reluctance to sleep, he's the best thing. Ever.

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