09 July 2005

The Penguin knows all

Penguin was the only dog who knew I was pregnant. Her behaviors changed very soon after we knew a baby was on the way. Most notably, she started pawing at me while sitting on the sofa, but there were lots of other little things I noticed. She's a worrier and she spent a good eight months worrying right along with me. 2 dogs oblivious - 1 who knows too much.

We were very nearly older, first-time moms together. We bred her in early August last year, but she did not concieve. This is pretty common in Clumbers. Timing has to be just right and it's hard to pinpoint, in spite of a number of pretty pricey progesterone tests.

Pen has been very bonded to me, almost since the day I brought her home. She has extended this bond to Oliver, trying to protect him from Piper, "washing" his head, camping out by the nursery during feedings. She clearly recognizes his spot in our pack and has been tolerant of the many changes taking place in the household. As the designated "good girl" in the house, I expect nothing less.

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