04 July 2005

Mummy's country beat up Daddy's country

Oliver is 12 weeks old today, high time he deal with some citizenship issues. We have gathered the forms to register him with the Home Office in London as a British Citizen. The instructions, though written in English, baffle me. Two countries ... separated by a common language. Sometimes I think we should just get him the union jack Robeez and call it good. I'm not sure the ability to go through the EU-passports-only line with dad when travelling within Europe is really worth the trouble. His mum will still be stuck in the line for everyone else.

At least Oliver will not be forced to choose a country when he turns 18. The US government has decided the "special relationship" that exists with the UK warrants permanent dual citizenship. Clearly, a few things have changed since 1776.

To learn more about the crazy things our former combatants across the pond like to say, check out this site. I can't say it helped me translate CD all that well, but it's a fun read nonetheless.

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Matt said...

Gosh, I'll say that mummy and daddy have a special relationship...

I seem to recall having a conversation with Cyrus some years ago on the subject of independence day, wherein I said something similar to "we beat you guys but good", and Cyrus' reply was something to the effect is, "ah, yes, but the difference is we've gotten over it by now".