02 July 2005

Professor Chewy

On the occasion of Chewy's 11th birthday, I posted the following to Clumber-L on June 9:

Chewy has lived with me for nearly 8 years and as an ambassador for the breed, he is second to none. Life before Clumbers? I don't remember.... Chewy started me on a path that has included wonderful dogs, great people and unforgettable experiences.

He's not moving terribly fast unless a meal is involved, his hearing is mostly gone unless you're rattling the cookie jar, and I think his sight is starting to fail him but he still thinks every meal is cause for celebration and a potential belly rub is reason enough to get up from his bed to greet a stranger.

Happy Birthday Mr Chew!!! Ch Cameo's Charleston Chew CW TD CGC

You can learn a lot from a dog.

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