17 January 2008

just under the wire

I was about to close up the laptop and go to bed. It was 11:35 when it hit me...I had not uploaded a new photo or blogged today.

So, just a few random updates, apropos of pretty much nothing:

Love this Josh Jakus egg flat. Love it more since it's a "second" and therefore cheaper. I guess the seams aren't supposed to be there. Don't tell anyone, okay?

Eleanor had her 9 month checkup. Like Oliver, the doc pronounced her "perfect". All 23 pounds of her. He did say eight was too many teeth. I am going to assume he was kidding.

I used to like Don's Appliances. Not anymore. My steamer is still not fixed and they seem to be having procurement problems with regard to parts. It should be fixed the first business day after we get back from vacation but I am not holding my breath. So glad I bought the extended warranty so I get to do business with them for years to come.

House is going to auction on March 8. Cross your fingers the reserve is met and we can bid old house farewell.

Gearing up for Disney...trying to find clothes that fit the kids and will work for the range of weather that's predicted. Mostly rain.

New York trip is on thin ice. More later but it's looking like a bust. I seem to have problems every other year, but this year is nothing like 2006. Wait a second. I have problems with New York every year. But I keep going back, mostly for the food.

MacBook is back. Woohoo! But it has a cracked case. Boo! It's upgraded to Leopard and all that good stuff! Woohoo! Will probably have to go back to Alabama for a while. Boo!

So there it is. A blog entry. Right on time.

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