09 January 2008

the dora coma

This is Oliver, watching Dora the Explorer for the first time. I don't think he had any idea I was four feet away, taking his picture. I'm not sure introducing Dora was such a good idea, but it can't be any worse than his other new discovery, Max & Ruby.

Shirt from Tiny Sprouts. Their stuff is really amazing...great embroidery on quality garments and other items. (And they didn't pay me to say that. I'm merely a happy customer.)

I'm getting really tired of trying to take good photos with iPhone. When my laptop comes back, I'll go back to shooting with my other camera. While we're talking about the laptop, I was unable to convince Apple that the screen flicker started a full six months before the lcd cracked, so I had them send it back untouched. Some other guys are going to fix it for a whole lot less $$$, but it's going to take a few more days.


Jenn said...

TV induced comas are interesting to study. My little one still loves Dora. I hope your computer is feeling better soon!

Ashley said...

Hi Kim,

I hope this doesn't seem strange but after reading your comment on ParentDish (about naming a baby) I had to come over here. My Grandmother, who recently passed away, was named Eleanor Rose (last name not middle) and reading that you named your daughter that made me smile. Even if I don't know you, the fact that someone out there has her name matters.

As I said, hopefully you do not find this too strange. Have a great day.


Kim said...

Hi Ashley! Thanks for stopping by. It's de-lurker day and I'm glad you left a comment. So sorry to hear about your grandmother. Glad to know my daughter shares the name of a very special and very much loved, person.

Elizabeth said...

Gabriel has just started to enjoy Max and Ruby too...except in his words, it is Max and Booby...and our dog Scooby is also Booby!