04 January 2008

FFF - holy cannoli

So it wasn't exactly a religious experience but I did have a damn fine cannoli this week. CD and I are trying to go out a little more, as in by ourselves, no one under 3 feet tall allowed. Dinner and a movie is our standard date fare but last night we went to the Phipps Conservatory to see the Chihuly exhibit at night, then dinner. [If you find yourself anywhere near Pittsburgh before the exhibit closes in February you really should check it out. It's amazing in the day time but truly spectacular at night.]

We had planned to check out Legume, a new bistro not far from home, but there were taking a few days off after New Year's. I remembered having a great lunch at Pizzuti a while back and since CD likes Italian food, it seemed like a good choice. At my earlier visit the place was nearly empty and the service was outstanding. The mushroom soup was memorable. The mushroom soup is still memorable but if the room is full, the service goes in the tank. One waiter for six tables, two with six diners, was too much for the poor guy to handle. You could see he was trying to maintain a high level of service and wasn't letting anything slide to speed things up.

But really, back to the cannoli. There was the usual crisp shell and mascarpone filling but there was also cinnamon and chocolate and caramel. And mysteriously, a dot or two of raspberry sauce meant for the chocolate cake, but never mind. The cinnamon-chocolate-caramel-mascarpone-y goodness made for a delightful dessert. Two on the plate made it perfect for sharing. It was starting to look like one of us, or maybe both of us, was trying to figure out how to discreetly lick the plate clean.

I'll be back, Pizzuti, but only if I see the room is half full, or that there is an increase in the number of waitstaff.

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