06 January 2008

feels like home

Bubba is more settled today, after a couple of regular meals and lots of attention. He gave us a rough night though. We learned he really doesn't like the crate. After some barking we decided to try leaving him free on the first floor. He paced in front of the stairs. Toenails on hardwood .... I finally gave in and went to the living room couch around 2am. He immediately laid down beside me on the floor and went to sleep. A few minutes later Eleanor woke up so I went upstairs to feed her. When I returned, Bubba was still asleep and had not moved. I'm optimistic that he is settled enough to sleep by himself in the living room tonight. Cross your paws!

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Nicole said...

It's amazing how fast kids adopt an animal as a family member :)
Sweet :)!
Greetings from Kuwait, no Babies, but two dogs ;)


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