12 January 2008

so glad to see you

Hello everybody, so glad to see you...all the Music Together veterans out there will now have a little flashback. Oliver and I attended our first Music Together session today. Or, as Oliver calls it, "moo-sic" together. He had a great time, though it does get close to lunch time so holding his attention the last 10 minutes is a bit of a challenge. I heard a lot of, "Lunch, Mama. Lunch and nap!" towards the end. We may have to go a little early next week and grab a snack nearby. He had no trouble spotting the local Starbucks.

Oddly enough, there was only one name repeated in the class. There are two Olivers! The other one is 10 months old and very cute. Oliver didn't quite know what to make of all that. Later today I happened upon BabyCenter's top 100 names for 2007 and there it was, right at number 100, Oliver. It's been very popular in England (fourth most popular name for boys in 2006), as we learned first hand during our trip to the UK late in 2006. Mums everywhere yelling, "Olivah! Olivah!" I nearly got whiplash when we went to London Zoo.

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Susie said...

Lucky you! We loooove Music Together! Enjoy!