05 January 2008

a new man in our lives

This is Bubba. He is eleven and a half. We will be fostering him for a little while.

The name does not seem to suit him at all, and only once has he answered to it. He's small for a Clumber male, and sweet as can be.

Though I explained to Oliver, many times today, that Bubba is visiting us until a new home can be found, he's already part of the family in Oliver's mind. Tonight when we were cuddling after reading bedtime stories Bubba was added to his list of who is in his "flam-ly". Bubba was in our home less than two hours before Oliver went to bed but is clearly one of us already.

1 comment:

Jenn said...

I am very intrigued myself by the concept of fostering pets, but between our schedules and my own difficulty with attachment I don't think we'd be a good foster family.

He looks like a sweetie!