03 January 2008

will I fit in the toy box?

Eleanor tipped a toy box on its side this morning, then tried to crawl in! All this sudden mobility has gone to her head.

This is one of the last photos before I had her hair cut for the first time. Mostly just the bangs, with some slightly angling on the side. The "wings" are mostly intact. There was a bit of a "posh spice" thing happening. Short in back, long in front. Yet another effort to be different from Oliver. His first cut was the result of my not being able to handle his mullet.

She was great during the haircut. Not so much as a wimper, unlike her big brother who howled through his first time in the chair.

Photos tomorrow. I figured out how to get photos from iPhone to flickr without any intervening technology. No such luck with my actual camera. I will have to figure out making it talk to the PowerBook G3 tomorrow.

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Jenn said...

Great picture! Good luck with the technology challenge. I know you are up to it!