11 January 2008

excuses, excuses

I was told today by a regular reader who NEVER EVER comments that my blog has been lame of late. She didn't say lame. It was something along the lines of feeble, or weak, or something. So to pay her back, I publish this photo of her in a fairly unflattering pose. You're welcome.

I don't disagree that our lameness quotient has been increased recently. Here's why:

My laptop is away and I am learning just how attached I am to mr.macbook
Since my laptop is away, I can send photos from my iPhone to Flickr but not download any from my good camera
I'm working on a second blog

There, that last one, I said it out loud so it must be real. Stay tuned....

And one last note...Fabulous Food Friday is taking a break this week. I didn't eat anything interesting this week. Made some nice cornbread for dinner tonight but meh, not worth expounding upon.

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