11 January 2006

in and out - the 9 month update

Oliver is nine months old today. He's been "out" almost as long as he was "in". I can unequivocally say that the first nine months went by much more slowly than the last nine. Part of that has to do with finding out I was pregnant when I was less than two weeks along. That made for a very long nine months.

I think I've covered his new skills in some very recent posts so I won't re-hash all that. Suffice it to say he's doing new things every day and continuing to amaze his parents.

At Oliver's well-baby visit today the doc pronounced him perfect. I didn't mind his little exaggeration at all, though I don't think Oliver will qualify as perfect in my eyes until he's sleeping through the night. I was a little concerned that his weight is still well ahead of his length in percentile terms but doc said to forget about it and I intend to follow that advice.


Melissa said...

He's adorable, and certainly looks to be perfect!

Misfit Hausfrau said...

Oliver is so darn cute. Don't worry--the sleep will come. We have finally succeeded in getting our baby to sleep through the night. We did some tough love, but she's sleeping all night. We'll hear her occasionally cry out in the middle of the night but she goes right back to sleep.