03 January 2006

now with even more screamy goodness

Following Sunday night's fun-filled scream-fest, last night wasn't much better. 2:30-4am was especially screamy.

Here's the thing....CD is traveling and he's been the one to soothe Oliver back to sleep in the middle of the night since just before Christmas. It was working pretty well, from my perspective anyway. I was still waking up, but not getting vertical, between 11pm and 5am. A huge improvement over my sleep habits for the preceeding 10 months (last two months of pregnancy is when things went to hell in the sleep department).

With the scratchy beard away, Oliver is seeing me, aka 'the one with the boobs', upon waking in the middle of the night. He doesn't understand why the milk bar isn't opening for business.

Anybody have some little toothpicks to prop my eyelids open?


babbles said...

Where's the dogs! I don't see any dogs. There is a seriously cute baby here, but I don't see any dogs.


Kim said...

Next pics will be of dogs, I promise. Thanks for stopping by!