16 January 2006

yogurt makes it better

yogurt makes it better
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It's been a trying afternoon. Oliver's school is closed for staff development and CD started working in his new office (but not here yet) today so we're home. Oliver is very tired since he slept half an hour at school this morning, fought with me for over an hour before sleeping for another half hour. Not enough sleep for a little one, by a long long way.

The only thing that made things better was some yummy banana yogurt. Well, that and downloading some new music with the iTunes card Santa put in my stocking. Music. For Oliver....yes, all my iTunes purchases are for Oliver lately. Today we picked up Ralph's World. We especially liked the Winnie-The-Pooh/The Tigger Song medley and Take a Little Nap (though Oliver could not bring himself to follow that advice).

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