05 January 2006

by request: more

Chewy sleeps too. A lot. More like all the time. Except when he is eating. Or barking to tell me to feed him. Even if he just ate half an hour ago. It's hell to get old.

Penguin, on the other hand, is the household busybody. In Pittsburgh-ese, she would be referred to as being "nebby". This photo is seconds before she planted a kiss on Oliver's cheek, followed by his usual silly giggle. No, it's not the most hygenic of acts but since we manage to keep the kid out of the dog toys and mostly keep the dogs out of the kid toys, we're satisfied.


Melissa said...

They are all so adorable! If I didn't already have 2 pups, 4 cats, 2 birds, a toddler and a newborn on the way, I'd steal Chewy!

anythingcreative said...

Melissa, you'll have to get in a VERY long line to steal any of Kim's 4-legged kids, especially Chewy.

Kim, now that you got the digital camera, you'll have to add me to the list of near-daily blog visitors. Love the pics, especially the clumbers (OK, you know I love Oliver to pieces, but the furry ones will always have a special place in this auntie's heart!).