01 January 2006

fluffy the second

Oliver's dad had a beloved stuffed St Bernard toy, purchased in Switzerland and known as "Fluffy", when he was a child. His sister tells me she gave Fluffy presents at Christmas so he really was part of the family.

Oliver's visiting granny had a holiday in Switzerland last year and found a small version of same for Oliver. He enjoys playing with it while on his changing table. This involves some chewing on the brandy barrel. Alas, the barrel is solid wood. After spending over an hour trying to get Oliver to sleep tonight I was wishing the barrel was full and I could slip him a little. Darn, there he is, awake again after sleeping a mere 90 minutes....

Back to Fluffy...I think after the Fluffy created by J K Rowling, we may have to come up with another name for the St Bernard toy. Suggestions?

[midnight update: Oliver has been up every 45 minutes and has now screamed for the last hour. None of the usual ways to get him to sleep are working. Screw the dog's brandy barrel. Pass me the bottle.]

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