06 January 2006

stuff we love, volume 7

You can't buy this off the shelf but I absolutely LOVE my Subaru's heated seats. I feel a little guilty that the baby barcalounger doesn't have 'em. On a cold morning, not much makes me happier, other than not having to get out of bed at all. (Yes, I am obsessed with my lack of sleep. I've been up since 4:30am.) If we ever get a vehicle the entire family will fit in (that means all three dogs and all three humans) it really needs to have heated seats, and preferably a switch I can't accidentally bump to "on" in August. A previous Subaru had that unfortunate feature.

What's the opposite of "hot enough to boil a monkey's bum"? That's the weather we're having right now. If I had been more awake this morning I would have grabbed the camera when the thermometer read "21". 34 feels like a heat wave.

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