08 January 2006


Penguin is a little obsessed with Oliver. She wishes I would let her lick him, head to toe, many times a day. She tries the "fly by" lick to his head when she thinks I am not paying attention. She also tries to protect Oliver from Piper, the upstart who must be monitored by Pen, busybody and occasional tattletale. Finally, she tolerates Oliver's grabbiness. We are making every effort to teach him to be GENTLE, with both dogs and other humans, but it's slow going and I am not seeing any progress yet, just a few scars.

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Elizabeth said...

I know what you mean...I'm constantly saying the word GENTLE to Gabriel, but all he wants to do is grab a fist full of Max's hair out (he's our bernese mountain dog mix). And Scooby (our whippit/lab mix) is the licker in the family. I swear, the first words that Gabriel will learn will be "Scooby, No Lick!". I enjoy reading your blog.