12 February 2006

not happy

After three cancelled flights, hours (literally) spent on hold with Northwest Airlines finally being told I could not arrive in New York before 7pm on Monday, I threw in the towel and abandoned all hope of getting there.

I get to spend Valentine's Day with CD, but if we can find a sitter and go out I will declare it a miracle. We have yet to find a reliable sitter in Pittsburgh. Finding one with their own transportation is too much to even hope for. We have been out by ourselves exactly twice since Oliver was born 10 months ago, and once was in Florida and we prevailed upon family members to help out.


Melissa said...

Sorry to hear about your Valentine's Day plans. I hope you are able to find a responsible sitter!

Matt said...

That's two more times than we've been out in two years with Dunc...{<<8-} Comes with the territory.

sister Linda said...

oh dear, the tea at the Grand Floridan didn't count?