15 February 2006

rollercoaster - not the fun kind

We're still on a rollercoaster with Piper. She spent a second night at the emergency clinic and was transferred to their internal medicine specialist at the daytime clinic (same location) this morning. He initially would not take her case due to his workload but he did agree to take it today.

My vet thought they hit the end of the line with medicine, and she was probably a surgical case, hence the transfer to the specialists. But with very low platelets, surgery isn't a very good idea. And with ultrasound not revealing a mass or tumor, going in just to take a look around was an even worse idea. I do love the surgeon at this practice. He is very conservative and took excellent care of Penguin's cervical disc problem last year (treated with steroids, not surgery, and she did very well).

So we still have no idea what is causing Piper's problems, and she's not improving. The internal medicine specialist feels it is likely an auto-immune issue and wants to give the steroids time to work. The evidence there will be a rising platelet count. He's also treating her for some other possible causes, just to make sure all the bases are covered. I have confidence in him, though we haven't met in person yet.

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